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We caught up with Africa’s richest forex woman

C'indy Bossmann



JOHANNESBURG – In the present time of evolving consumer internet, there is nothing interesting than a crispy controversy, and nothing more dangerous than uncleared rumours, but what’s more interesting is the growth accomplished through these solid opinions.

Similar is a case of KZN born businesswoman Nobuhle Catherine affectionately known as Bosslady, we caught up with extremely busy young lady at Renaissance Day Spa Sandton.

Nobuhle is a 24 year old digital entrepreneur and founder of publicly quoted Women In Forex (WIF) and it subsidiaries.

She is also the current Africa’s richest Forex woman with R100 million net worth as of 2018. Feared by her male counterparts for her ruthless aggression towards forex market.

Women In Forex

Africa’s richest Forex woman with R100 million net worth

Her online institutions train and mentor people in Forex, Binary Option and Crypto currencies. In addition WIF also has subsidiaries that offer signal subscription for already trading but not profitable traders.

Nobuhle took a decision to venture into MLM for the first in 2018, and with her leadership competence she become the first Long Rich member in it 32 year history to achieve Diamond 4 in 4 days, Diamond 5 in 14 days, Diamond 6 in 2 months and Diamond 7 under 4 months, records she currently held to this day.

She later ventured into farming with 2018 acquisition of her R15.8million farm located in Mpumalanga province, rumored to have been purchased cash.

Born in the dusty street of Emnambithi, Uthukela, KZN she was a determined young lady who wanted to break the chain of poverty in her family ,her brilliance led to her graduating with diploma in media from Boston City campus. She relocated to the big city but detrimentality of job hunting faced by thousands of graduates pushed her into joining the social media trend of airtime solicitation scheme in quest to support her family back home.

Airtime and eWellat scheme is activity where social media account is created, sexy and raunchy pictures and twerk videos are posted and men will make move into establishing relationship with the culprit who will pretend to be in love and request all sort of monetary favor but never actually meet up- airtime collected are later changed into cash. ” Perhaps this explains the mystery surrendering my identity. if you can recall the page we uses back then was later changed to “Women In Forex” which is my business page today, so anonymity started during the of airtime business and continues after I’ve joined forex. So i wouldn’t have revealed my identity back then knowing there are many guys i took airtime from and they still waiting for our hook up hahaha. But to be honest I love it, it saved me from a lot of things. ” Narrated Buhle on issue of running her empire anonymously.

It was during this time she met her then partner Faith Nketsi famously known as Queen Twerk who was in the same line of scheme

Her life changed completely in 2015 after posting a video of a well known Forex trader which still available on her Facebook today where she asked their 23 000 followers what they think about forex. “I wasn’t really interested in trading Forex because i always see it as some sort of online scam, I was happy to earn R1000 referral fee offered to us by a trader who was based here in Sandton, says Buhle

“I told Faith wow this is a real deal if we can be able to get R1000 per person we refer to this guy its better than R100 airtime we was getting with our twerk video business. Somehow we never managed to earn a cent from the guy despite sending load of people to them” added boss lady

She started learning how to trade through one of her homeboy named Owen who taught her how to trade on WhatsApp, and started trading professionally in 2016 and has since became a house hold name, including being named one of influential under 30 by finance magazine as well as being counted amongst handful of citizens with “elite” statuship which is accoladed to individuals who surpass the $1 million dollar threshold in asset.As a digital entrepreneur she converted Telegram App into a mini office and all her daily activities and online training takes place on the app which proves to be more affective than traditional 3 days Forex training; the list of her successful students is groundbreaking to say the least.

Cindy, a former beauty queen has a personal interest in development finance, especially the role development finance institutions play as catalysts for economic growth and development. holds a Bachelor of Business Studies Degree with Honours in Finance and Banking. She love fashion and played a critical rule in establishment of Women With Class (WWC) a glossy digital publication owned by UMEH Media. E-mail [email protected]

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