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The chilled side of forex trading lifestyles

Lebogang Molopo



Ntsako Mashaba

So you have a preconceived idea about forex trading lifestyles? Here’s something you have probably never imagined happening in forex trading:

JOHANNESBURG – 28-year-old Ntsako Mashaba is a trader with a different outlook on how forex traders should convey themselves. Mashaba started trading in June-2016 and has done so well for himself in the trading industry. His initial deposit was R700 which he thought was too much to “gamble” away. Little did he know that his journey to riches had just began.

Ntsako said that within a space of eight months he had already withdrawn more than R14 000. That was a big achievement for him because he had no formal training on trading. “I honestly just started by reading anything related to forex, anything i could find online,” He said.

The journey was not all easy as one would think. Mashaba experienced every traders nightmare, he blew several accounts in the early stages. “I have blown like 7 accounts altogether. There was a time where i thought i should just quit the whole thing,” Said Ntsako. When he finally reached the climax, the stage where he felt he was raking it. He wanted to climb on top of the roof and shout, let the whole world know but he kept his cool. Nstako kept it a secret. His family was surprised at how he could all of a sudden pay rent monthly and buy groceries. “It’s important to stay true to yourself,I live a simple lifestyle honestly, no one has to know how i earn what i earn.” Ntsako proclaimed.

“I bought a car and a reasonable home for myself. I took my family out of poverty and my friends know that they can always count on me for financial support. That is all i have ever wanted.” He added. Mashaba lives an ordinary life. He still hangs out with his friends like old times.

Mashaba went on to say that he would advice any trader to think about the long term. He did not quit because he had no plan B but he now invests most of his profits on the JSE for his future offspring. Mashaba’s final words were “People need to know that forex trading lifestyles differ, it depends on the individual.”

I'm a 26-year-old writer from Pretoria,South Africa. I studied Journalism and enjoy doing features and hard news. I love reading and hope to one day write and publish my own book.