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Satoshi Nakamoto: The name on everyone’s lips

Lebogang Molopo



Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous founder of Bitcoin is probably the only name on every cryptocurrency trader today. This is the name used by the anonymous person or group of people who created Bitcoin. A website known as got everyone’s attention at the beginning of May when it emerged with a timer promising to reveal the real identity of the face or faces behind the creation of Bitcoin. People got excited only to be let down at the realisation that the whole thing was a hoax. PAI News’ marketing team had used the name as part of their marketing campaign. People who went through this were just a classic unfortunate case of the saying “curiosity killed a cat.”

The revelation of the real identity behind Bitcoin would cause a serous stir in the world of cryptocurrencies. There have been a number of attempts to try and pin the name to a face without any success. Various people even took chances and came forward claiming to be, Satoshi Nakamoto. For one to be taken seriously, they would have to provide concrete proof that they are without a doubt, the person or people behind this phenomenal creation. Craig Wright even earned himself the nickname Faketoshi when he went as far as copying the signature and presenting it as his own.

Nakamoto came up with a system that has the potential to replace the current system used by governments around the world. His anonymity might be his only way to keep his life. However, the only thing that remains unshaken at the wake of all these speculations is the price of Bitcoin. No one knows if the revelation would have a positive or negative impact on the price of Bitcoin.

I'm a 26-year-old writer from Pretoria,South Africa. I studied Journalism and enjoy doing features and hard news. I love reading and hope to one day write and publish my own book.

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