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Meet five South African earliest forex traders who influenced thousands of youth to join forex

Phumzile Ngcatshe



JOHANNESBURG – With Trading seemingly on the rise in South Africa and in the African continent in general, FX Magazine takes a look at the top five traders who inspired thousands of youth to get into trading. They are the earliest forex investors in South Africa

Although many think it’s easy, it is not, but not an impossible career path to follow whilst trying to make your dreams come true.

Besides having dedication, commitment and drive to succeed and achieve the desired results in this sphere, one needs proper training and guidance to make it big.

Because trading is gaining its momentum in the African continent, some universities such as the University of South Africa (UNISA) have started to teach students to learn the ins and out of the traders


Shezi almost single-handedly influenced every South African youth to join Forex. Although he is not making as much money compared to the best in the world, Shezi tops the list as some of the wealthiest young persons in the country. Sandile is not afraid to take on social media and flaunt his possessions and has inspired many young South Africans.


Also known as Cashflow, Ngcobo is one of the richest SA traders with a considerable influence over the youth on social media and beyond. Ngcobo leads a flamboyant lifestyle with luxury cars being some of the things he is identified with.


Founder of Pipcoin, also known for his classy dress code and lavish lifestyle with expensive cars and jets, all at his convenience, it is impossible to overlook Wayne. Wayne is seen as a perfect example that patience, dedication and the will to succeed can eventually take you places.


Born in Nseleni township in KZN , Prince who was raised by his grandmother, had a rough upbringing from losing his granny at the age of 10 to changing from one school to another. Back in 2012, Prince was already a notable figure in Forex and he is regarded as one of the youngest Forex millionaires in South Africa


Louis owns his forex company known as Undercover Millionaires and was given $200 000 by Virgin Active boss Sir Richard Branson to start a community gym, Botho Gym at the age of 16. He is one of the most successful traders and completes the list.

Phumzile is an experienced Journalist having launched his career in 2007. He has written for News24 Travel and a number of Football websites and publications covering the South African Premier Soccer League (PSL), African football such as the CAF African Cup of Nations and CAF Club competitions. He recently joined FX Magazine to offer more balanced and unbiased financial reporting.

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