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GotSatoshi countdown just a marketing stunt

C'indy Bossmann



GotSatoshi countdown just a marketing stunt – crypto community isn’t happy

Some members of the crypto community got excited at the start of May when a site emerged called, with a timer counting down to when it would apparently reveal the true identity of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Today it turned out that this was in fact a promotional campaign for a platform called PAI News. Not everyone has reacted positively to this marketing stunt.

The true identity of Satoshi is something that crypto enthusiasts have been eager to discover for as long as Bitcoin has been a widespread phenomenon, although interest in the issue comes and goes. Recent months have seen a major surge in discussion of this topic, due to the latest antics of Craig Wright.

The Australian businessman who initially claimed to be the Bitcoin founder back in 2015 before his claims were widely dismissed, has now launched a number of defamation lawsuits against some members of the community, who have repeatedly denied he is Satoshi and made use of the ‘Faketoshi’ epithet to refer to him.

The marketing team behind PAI News presumably wanted to take advantage of this renewed interest, making the attention-grabbing claim that they would reveal Satoshi’s true identity. The revelation was scheduled to take place yesterday May 14, at 1550 UTC. The countdown did end, but ultimately no information about Satoshi Nakamoto was given. Instead, we were introduced to crypto and blockchain news app PAI News and its virtual host Satoshi, “the world’s first AI anchor.”

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