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Forex trading: A necessary route for extra income

Lebogang Molopo



Photo cred: Ntshuxeko

Forex trading is widely known and treated like a scam. This is due to the fact that people fall prey to predators posing as experienced forex traders. In this world of hustlers it’s hard to separate the real from the fake ones.

“Forex trading is a good way of making extra money or to invest towards the future. Because I work and study full-time, I only do longterm trading and it doesn’t require my constant attention. I always have a forex trading account where I put my emergency money into. I grow it and don’t need to withdraw from it regularly.” Said Ntshuxeko.

Ntshuxeko, a Duepoint wealth engineer started trading forex in 2011 and has been at it since. The mother of two tells a funny yet common way of how she stumbled upon the foreign exchange market. She saw an advert while doing some work on the internet and curiosity got the better of her. She clicked on the advert and later attended a free forex seminar.

Ntshuxeko says she felt like the whole seminar was nothing but a bunch of rubbish.  Yet again, curiousity got the better of her. She thought “A little bit of research can’t hurt.” Through her research she found learning material consisting of videos, images, books and webinars.

“I worked on a demo account for a while before I funded my account with $250. I almost doubled my account in one day but I didn’t know how and why. So eventually I blew that account.” She added.

Like any other job, forex trading requires hardwork and dedication. “I funded my account again after a couple of weeks with $100, which I grew over time and was able to withdraw from the account many times.” She said.

Through these dire times. Our economy is faced with challenges on a daily. One must have at least two or more streams of income to stay afloat. Ntshuxeko concluded by saying that we all need to get into hustle mode and build a legacy for future generations.

“Hustler by nature, I make sure that at any given time, I have at least three streams of income. That is why I decided to do the Deupoint business. Duepoint is the best entrepreneural activity in South Africa at the moment, low risk and high returns. It does not require selling, just technology and connecting people on a constant basis.”  She concluded.

I'm a 26-year-old writer from Pretoria,South Africa. I studied Journalism and enjoy doing features and hard news. I love reading and hope to one day write and publish my own book.

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