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Cyril Ramaphosa wholeheartedly welcomes Blockchain

Lebogang Molopo



South African President Cyril Ramaphosa acknowledges the growth and need for Blockchain Technology. Image courtesy of

South African president Cyril Ramaphosa expressed his warm sentiments towards Blockchain technology. Speaking at the launch of a Continental Free Trade Area in Kigali, Ramaphosa mentioned the importance of technology and how it is vital to our survival today.

Blockchain is a crypto-company, the home of cryptocurrencies. Technology has become a big part of our lives. Most transactions are performed online. Blockchain brings vast opportunities but technology itself, slowly replaces people and limits the need for a workforce.

Ramaphosa told the media that he fully supported calls for a single African currency and he also indicated that such a currency maybe would have to be digital. “We are also going to focus; yes, on the fourth Industrial revolution. Get into Blockchain in the most meaningful way.” Said President Ramaphosa.

Network marketing goes hand-in-hand with cryptocurrency, why? Because both have no boundaries. People all over the world are connected through network marketing and cryptocurrencies.  Cryptocurrency expanded and is still growing at the speed of light. VALR is expected to launch a new Bitcoin-Rand Trading in SA, the second of its kind.

Luno, is currently the only one dominating the markets in SA and South African crypto traders are not pleased with their fees. Perhaps VALR will bring relief to the distraught customers.

Entrepreneur and author of bestselling book, Mr Bitcoin; Mpho Dagada was a guest speaker at the launch. He gave an amusing yet mindblowing explanation of Blockchain Technology.  In his own words he said,

“In about ten years’ time my self-driving car will be driving on the road and will ask your self-driving car to give it way so that it may overtake because I’m in a hurry. My self-driving car will be able after doing that process to tip your self-driving  car by sending it R10 on the Blockchain system, “

The future of Blockchain has been stamped by the South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa. “The world is more interconnected than it has ever been before.” Added Mpho Dagada.

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