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Another self proclaimed Forex millionaire helped himself with a Shoprite cashier’s R4000

Phumzile Ngcatshe



Thembokuhle Shongwe

JOHANNESBURG – With news of Jabulani ‘Cashflow’ Ngcobo’s successful conviction over a string of forex related fruad watering down, FX Magazine has received a call from a KwaZulu-Natal woman alleging to have been defrauded of R4 000 by another South African forex celebrity.

Fikile Lukhele wrote to FX Magazine seeking intervention as she reckons Forex Trader Thembokuhle Shongwe has disappeared with her hard earned money.

Lukhele, says she engaged with Shongwe and the Forex Trader suggested she deposits the money into a First National Bank (FNB) account, but when she told him that she was using Capitec Bank, Shongwe decided to give the lady a Capitec bank account number.

According to Lukhele, she says Shongwe alleged that R3000 was to fund her account and R1000 was for account management and he will take 20% of the profits as the account grows.

Another self proclaimed Forex millionaire helped himself with a Shoprite cashier’s R4000

Shongwe denied all the allegations, saying a brokerage cannot take money from a client using a Capitec bank account.

“How stupid is that. How can a brokerage take money using Capitec. Can you tell your Fikile to show you proof of payment and come with it to me again,” said Shongwe via an email.

When pressed for FSCA license authorizing him to collect and manage publice fund In terms of section 7 (1) of the Financial Advisory and intermediary Service (FAIS) Act. he failed to provide this publication which such detail.

Despite Lukhele’s damning evidence implicating him, Shongwe continued to deny the allegation insisting that FX Magazine must get it facts right before intervening.

“Then where is the Capitec you were talking about, here she send from Capitec or she send to Capitec? Get your fact ryt before you intervene. Secondly that account was blown I did tell the lady yes trading is risk sometime you can loss the funds you can’t always winning,” responded Shongwe.

Although he alleged the account was blown and he informed the lady but Whatsap screenshot’s proves otherwise.

Attempt to get comment from FXinator Pty Ltd was unsuccessful as they didn’t reply to email sent to them at the time of publishing.

Thembokuhle Shongwe helped himself with a Shoprite cashier’s R4000

Lukhele, who works at a grocery store seven days a week, is devastated, and want her money back.

“He took all of my monthly salary. I work in a grocery store seven days a week, no rest, no weekend and no holiday. That’s the reason I wanted to start in the first place. The R4 000 he took is my whole month’s salary. I’m not looking for some get rich quick thing but to be able to build my account and maybe one day have financial freedom,” she concluded.

FX Magazine will at all time maintain it neutrality in a sensitive matters such as this and will merely put up article based on evidence and commentary provided by parties involved. All effected parties are given opportunity to comment unless otherwise declined or ignored.

We have advised Lukhele to lay a criminal charge against Shongwe.

Phumzile is an experienced Journalist having launched his career in 2007. He has written for News24 Travel and a number of Football websites and publications covering the South African Premier Soccer League (PSL), African football such as the CAF African Cup of Nations and CAF Club competitions. He recently joined FX Magazine to offer more balanced and unbiased financial reporting.